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2024 China Super League Table

2024 China Super League
Shanghai Shenhua12930274+2330
Shanghai Port118303713+2427
Chengdu Rongcheng128132513+1225
Beijing Guoan127322113+824
Shandong Luneng127322316+724
Zhejiang FC126151819-119
Tianjin Tigers125342014+618
Wuhan Three Towns124351720-315
Cangzhou Mighty Lions124261725-814
10 Qingdao Youth Island123361423-912
11 Changchun Yatai123271422-811
12 Henan Songshan Longmen122461726-910
13 Nantong Zhiyun122371324-119
14 Sichuan Jiuniu122371327-149
15 Meizhou Hakka FC11155916-78
16 Qingdao Hainiu12228717-108
2024 China Super League (Home)
1Shanghai Shenhua6510172+151916
2Chengdu Rongcheng7511156+92116
3Shandong Luneng74211611+52714
4Shanghai Port5410168+82413
5Zhejiang FC7412159+62413
6Beijing Guoan5311128+42010
7Cangzhou Mighty Lions73041012-2229
8Wuhan Three Towns621367-1137
9Henan Songshan Longmen6123710-3175
10Qingdao Youth Island6123611-5175
11Changchun Yatai611469-3154
12Qingdao Hainiu511349-5134
13Tianjin Tigers503235-283
14Meizhou Hakka FC6033410-6143
15Nantong Zhiyun5104411-7153
16Sichuan Jiuniu6024518-13232
2024 China Super League (Away)
1Tianjin Tigers7502179+82615
2Shanghai Port6420215+162614
3Shanghai Shenhua6420102+81214
4Beijing Guoan742195+41414
5Shandong Luneng531175+21210
6Chengdu Rongcheng5302107+3179
7Wuhan Three Towns62221113-2248
8Sichuan Jiuniu621389-1177
9Qingdao Youth Island6213812-4207
10Changchun Yatai6213813-5217
11Nantong Zhiyun7133913-4226
12Zhejiang FC5203310-7136
13Meizhou Hakka FC512256-1115
14Henan Songshan Longmen61231016-6265
15Cangzhou Mighty Lions5122713-6205
16Qingdao Hainiu711538-5114
2024 China Super League (Overall)
Shanghai Shenhua12930274+233130
Shanghai Port118303713+245027
Chengdu Rongcheng128132513+123825
Beijing Guoan127322113+83424
Shandong Luneng127322316+73924
Zhejiang FC126151819-13719
Tianjin Tigers125342014+63418
Wuhan Three Towns124351720-33715
Cangzhou Mighty Lions124261725-84214
10 Qingdao Youth Island123361423-93712
11 Changchun Yatai123271422-83611
12 Henan Songshan Longmen122461726-94310
13 Nantong Zhiyun122371324-11379
14 Sichuan Jiuniu122371327-14409
15 Meizhou Hakka FC11155916-7258
16 Qingdao Hainiu12228717-10248
2024 China Super League (Halves)
1st Half
1Shanghai Shenhua12660122101424
2Shandong Luneng1265114682023
3Chengdu Rongcheng1263310821821
4Shanghai Port11551177102420
5Beijing Guoan124628621418
6Tianjin Tigers12372541916
7Henan Songshan Longmen1236389-11715
8Wuhan Three Towns1236378-11515
9Qingdao Youth Island12435710-31715
10Zhejiang FC1234589-11713
11Qingdao Hainiu1226445-1912
12Sichuan Jiuniu12255613-71911
13Cangzhou Mighty Lions12327411-71511
14Meizhou Hakka FC1117334-1710
15Changchun Yatai12174511-61610
16Nantong Zhiyun12165510-5159
2nd Half
1Shanghai Shenhua12840152131728
2Shanghai Port11740206142625
3Chengdu Rongcheng12741155102025
4Beijing Guoan1255213762020
5Zhejiang FC12543101002019
6Tianjin Tigers12453151052517
7Cangzhou Mighty Lions124351314-12715
8Changchun Yatai12435911-22015
9Shandong Luneng12273910-11913
10Wuhan Three Towns122731012-22213
11Qingdao Youth Island12264713-62012
12Meizhou Hakka FC11335612-61812
13Sichuan Jiuniu12255714-72111
14Nantong Zhiyun12156814-6228
15Henan Songshan Longmen12156917-8268
16Qingdao Hainiu12147312-9157

For column heading definitions, see the Key at the bottom of the table.

2024 China Super League (Expected Goals)
1Shanghai Shenhua122.250.050.330.09
2Shanghai Port113.360.731.180.22
3Chengdu Rongcheng122.081.08
4Beijing Guoan121.750.181.080.14
5Shandong Luneng121.920.311.330.11
6Zhejiang FC121.500.031.580.17
7Tianjin Tigers121.670.231.170.27
8Wuhan Three Towns121.420.081.670.24
9Cangzhou Mighty Lions121.420.142.080.18
10Qingdao Youth Island121.170.271.920.58
11Changchun Yatai121.170.061.830.21
12Henan Songshan Longmen121.420.132.170.26
13Nantong Zhiyun121.
14Sichuan Jiuniu121.080.522.250.24
15Meizhou Hakka FC110.820.111.450.06
16Qingdao Hainiu120.581.42
Key to column names
  • GF - Actual goals "for" per game
  • xGF - Expected Goals "for" (scored) per game
  • GF v XGF - Compares actual goals vs expected goals per game (a positive number means over-performance; negative indicates under-performance)
  • GA - Actual goals "against" per game
  • xGA - Expected Goals "against" (conceded) per game
  • GA v XGA - Compares actual goals conceded vs expected goals conceded per game (a positive number means over-performance; negative indicates under-performance)

For column heading definitions, see the Key at the bottom of the table.

2024 China Super League (Expected Goal Difference [GD])
1Shanghai Shenhua12+1.92-0.04+1.96
2Shanghai Port11+2.18+0.51+1.67
3Chengdu Rongcheng12+1.000.00+1.00
4Beijing Guoan12+0.67+0.04+0.63
5Shandong Luneng12+0.58+0.20+0.38
6Zhejiang FC12-0.08-0.14+0.06
7Tianjin Tigers12+0.50-0.04+0.54
8Wuhan Three Towns12-0.25-0.16-0.09
9Cangzhou Mighty Lions12-0.67-0.04-0.63
10Qingdao Youth Island12-0.75-0.31-0.44
11Changchun Yatai12-0.67-0.15-0.52
12Henan Songshan Longmen12-0.75-0.13-0.62
13Nantong Zhiyun12-0.92-0.02-0.90
14Sichuan Jiuniu12-1.17+0.28-1.45
15Meizhou Hakka FC11-0.64+0.05-0.69
16Qingdao Hainiu12-0.830.00-0.83
Key to column names
  • GD - Actual goal difference per game
  • xGD - Expected goal difference (expected goals "for" minus expected goals "against") per game
  • GD v xGD - Compares actual GD vs expected GD per game (a positive number means over-performance; negative indicates under-performance)

For column heading definitions, see the Key at the bottom of the table.

2024 China Super League (Expected Points)
PosTeamPPtsxPtsPts v xPts
1Shanghai Shenhua123026.2+3.8
2Shanghai Port112724.6+2.4
3Chengdu Rongcheng122522.2+2.8
4Beijing Guoan122420.3+3.7
5Shandong Luneng122422.3+1.8
6Zhejiang FC121914.6+4.4
7Tianjin Tigers121816.5+1.5
8Wuhan Three Towns121515.1-0.1
9Cangzhou Mighty Lions121414.8-0.8
10Qingdao Youth Island121212.00.0
11Changchun Yatai121111.6-0.6
12Henan Songshan Longmen121012.8-2.8
13Nantong Zhiyun12911.6-2.6
14Sichuan Jiuniu12914.9-5.9
15Meizhou Hakka FC11811.2-3.2
16Qingdao Hainiu1289.7-1.7
Key to column names
  • Pts - Actual points total during the season
  • xPts - Expected points total during season based upon aggregated statistical analysis of the xG for and against in every game
  • Pts v xPts - Compares actual Pts vs expected Pts (a positive number means over-performance; negative indicates under-performance)

For column heading definitions, see the Key at the bottom of the table.

Numbers of Players
1Shanghai Shenhua1217263.97520
2Shanghai Port1121294.97615
3Chengdu Rongcheng1223304.97120
4Beijing Guoan1222324.57119
5Shandong Luneng1227324.76427
6Zhejiang FC1221294.57416
7Tianjin Tigers1219274.87120
8Wuhan Three Towns1222333.57420
9Cangzhou Mighty Lions1222263.57616
10Qingdao Youth Island1224304.86822
11Changchun Yatai1223293.57224
12Henan Songshan Longmen1222294.67317
13Nantong Zhiyun1220274.87020
14Sichuan Jiuniu1221294.17218
15Meizhou Hakka FC1121274.97615
16Qingdao Hainiu1219284.17119
Key to column names
  • P - Games played this season
  • SP - Total number of starting players used over last 10 games
  • Pl - Total number of players (starting + substitutes) used over last 10 games
  • SPG - Mean number of substitutes per game
  • PM - Median number of minutes played for substituted players
  • SM - Median number of minutes played for substitutes

See: Form Table

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