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2023-2024 Israeli Premier League Table

2023-2024 Israeli Premier League
Regular Season
1Maccabi Tel Aviv2619525520+3562
2Maccabi Haifa2617635518+3755
3Hapoel Be'er Sheva2615474519+2649
4Hapoel Haifa2614573832+647
5Maccabi Bnei Raina2681082726+134
6Bnei Sakhnin2671362631-533
7Hapoel Jerusalem2687112833-531
8Beitar Jerusalem2686123434025
9Maccabi Petah Tikva2686123148-1730
10Maccabi Netanya2684142941-1228
11Hapoel Hadera2684142138-1728
12Hapoel Tel Aviv2669112937-826
13FC Ashdod2657142042-2222
14Hapoel Petah Tikva26310132039-1919
Championship Round
1Maccabi Tel Aviv3021636222+4069
2Maccabi Haifa3019746222+4064
3Hapoel Be'er Sheva3017494925+2455
4Hapoel Haifa30155104240+250
5Maccabi Bnei Raina30111093229+343
6Bnei Sakhnin3081392837-937
Relegation Round
1Hapoel Jerusalem29107123234-237
2Beitar Jerusalem29106133935+436
3Hapoel Hadera2996142541-1633
4Maccabi Petah Tikva2996143553-1833
5Maccabi Netanya2995153044-1432
6Hapoel Tel Aviv29610133244-1228
7FC Ashdod2969142344-2127
8Hapoel Petah Tikva29312142243-2121
2023-2024 Israeli Premier League (Home)
Regular Season
1Maccabi Haifa13940255+203031
2Maccabi Tel Aviv139312610+163630
3Hapoel Be'er Sheva13922247+173129
4Maccabi Petah Tikva137152018+23822
5Hapoel Jerusalem136341613+32921
6Hapoel Haifa136252120+14120
7Maccabi Bnei Raina134631614+23018
8Hapoel Tel Aviv134541517-23217
9Maccabi Netanya135171622-63816
10Hapoel Petah Tikva133641113-22415
11Beitar Jerusalem133551620-43614
12Hapoel Hadera134271123-123414
13Bnei Sakhnin132741116-52713
14FC Ashdod134181121-103213
Championship Round
1Maccabi Haifa161141318+233937
2Maccabi Tel Aviv1611413311+224437
3Hapoel Be'er Sheva151122278+193535
4Hapoel Haifa147252320+34323
5Maccabi Bnei Raina145631714+33121
6Bnei Sakhnin153751319-63216
Relegation Round
1Hapoel Jerusalem158342013+73327
2Maccabi Petah Tikva158162421+34525
3Maccabi Netanya156181725-84219
4Hapoel Tel Aviv144641618-23418
5Hapoel Hadera154471426-124016
6Hapoel Petah Tikva143651115-42615
7Beitar Jerusalem143561621-53714
8FC Ashdod144281121-103214
2023-2024 Israeli Premier League (Away)
Regular Season
1Maccabi Tel Aviv1310212910+193932
2Hapoel Haifa138321712+52927
3Maccabi Haifa138233013+174326
4Bnei Sakhnin13562151503021
5Hapoel Be'er Sheva136252112+93320
6Beitar Jerusalem135171814+43216
7Maccabi Bnei Raina134451112-12316
8Hapoel Hadera134271015-52514
9Maccabi Netanya133371319-63212
10Hapoel Tel Aviv132471420-63410
11Hapoel Jerusalem132471220-83210
12FC Ashdod13166921-12309
13Maccabi Petah Tikva131571130-19418
14Hapoel Petah Tikva13049926-17354
Championship Round
1Maccabi Tel Aviv1410222911+184032
2Maccabi Haifa148333114+174527
3Hapoel Haifa168351920-13927
4Maccabi Bnei Raina16646151503022
5Bnei Sakhnin155641518-33321
6Hapoel Be'er Sheva156272217+53920
Relegation Round
1Beitar Jerusalem157172314+93722
2Hapoel Hadera145271115-42617
3Maccabi Netanya143471319-63213
4FC Ashdod152761223-113513
5Hapoel Jerusalem142481221-93310
6Hapoel Tel Aviv152491626-104210
7Maccabi Petah Tikva141581132-21438
8Hapoel Petah Tikva150691128-17396
2023-2024 Israeli Premier League (Overall)
Regular Season
1Maccabi Tel Aviv2619525520+357562
2Maccabi Haifa2617635518+377355
3Hapoel Be'er Sheva2615474519+266449
4Hapoel Haifa2614573832+67047
5Maccabi Bnei Raina2681082726+15334
6Bnei Sakhnin2671362631-55733
7Hapoel Jerusalem2687112833-56131
8Beitar Jerusalem268612343406825
9Maccabi Petah Tikva2686123148-177930
10Maccabi Netanya2684142941-127028
11Hapoel Hadera2684142138-175928
12Hapoel Tel Aviv2669112937-86626
13FC Ashdod2657142042-226222
14Hapoel Petah Tikva26310132039-195919
Championship Round
1Maccabi Tel Aviv3021636222+408469
2Maccabi Haifa3019746222+408464
3Hapoel Be'er Sheva3017494925+247455
4Hapoel Haifa30155104240+28250
5Maccabi Bnei Raina30111093229+36143
6Bnei Sakhnin3081392837-96537
Relegation Round
1Hapoel Jerusalem29107123234-26637
2Beitar Jerusalem29106133935+47436
3Hapoel Hadera2996142541-166633
4Maccabi Petah Tikva2996143553-188833
5Maccabi Netanya2995153044-147432
6Hapoel Tel Aviv29610133244-127628
7FC Ashdod2969142344-216727
8Hapoel Petah Tikva29312142243-216521

For column heading definitions, see the Key at the bottom of the table.

Numbers of Players
1Maccabi Tel Aviv2627343.27218
2Maccabi Haifa2626343.57220
3Hapoel Be'er Sheva2625373.56922
4Hapoel Haifa2623313.07318
5Maccabi Bnei Raina261933
6Bnei Sakhnin2630413.47122
7Hapoel Jerusalem262631
8Beitar Jerusalem2625342.77119
9Maccabi Petah Tikva2631363.46923
10Maccabi Netanya2630343.66527
11Hapoel Hadera2630343.06924
12Hapoel Tel Aviv2625342.87322
13FC Ashdod2633372.87121
14Hapoel Petah Tikva262935
Key to column names
  • P - Games played this season
  • SP - Total number of starting players used over last 10 games
  • Pl - Total number of players (starting + substitutes) used over last 10 games
  • SPG - Mean number of substitutes per game
  • PM - Median number of minutes played for substituted players
  • SM - Median number of minutes played for substitutes

See: Form Table

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